22 agosto 2016

Petición de ayuda de la ONG OLVIDADOS en Grecia

Hola Suzanne,  

- Ayuda económica; es fundamental para cubrir todas las necesidades que surgen y la alimentación infantil que estamos proporcionando de 0-8 años y refuerzo para mujeres embarazadas y madres que dan el pecho.
- Enfermeras
-psicólogos- importante.
- Coordinador de almacén y coordinador de  actividades y voluntarios de larga duración y con experiencia.
- Manitas.
- Director de teatro y profesores  de música.
- Donaciones de ropa árabe y zapatos y botas invierno.
-Traductor de Farsi-arabe y griego-español.
- Donaciones de alimentos;
- latas de proteína no cerdo-legumbre solo garbanzo y vegetales en cristal.
- Arroz y tomate.

Un beso muy grande ! Y mucha luz!

  Dear Suzanne,

We are getting in touch with you because we wanted to know if it would be possible for you to help us find volunteers with an specific profile. This is the list of the volunteers we are looking for:
Head of warehouse, with logistics and managment skills.
Coordinator of volunteers, with experience in refugee camps.
Translators of Farsi, Arabic and Greek
Doctors and midwives (to do the followup of the pregnant women)
Psychologists for children and adults
Musicians, dancing, theatre and painting teachers. Gym teachers for boy and girls.
People with skills- sewing, knitting, yoga,...
The minimum stay that we ask for these people is a month, and it would be necessary for them to move around, to rent a car.
Necessary donations; they could be material or economic, since sometimes its easier to buy the things here instead of sending them in a container:
New Arabic clothes
Winter clothes ( the sizes only from Small to Large)
> Underwear, bras and lots winter socks
> Boots, winter shoes, raincoats and coats
> Winter fabric to make dresses and coats
> Sewing machines
> Sewing kits (thread and kneedles)
> Make up kits (mirror, make up, hair dye, lipstick, tweezers, waxing strips, scissors,...)
> Books in Arabic, Farsi and English
> Dictionaries: English, Greek, Arabic, Farsi...
> Notebooks, pens, pencils, painting materials,...
> Free phones with chargers
> Hygiene products: shampoo, body soap, body lotion, deodorant, sponges,
> First aid kits: thermometer, band-aids, betadine, gauzes, special tape, oxigenated water (peroxide), scissors,...
> The people at the camp receive daily food from a catering from Greece, but it is necessary to give them extra food to cover the basic needs.
> Weekly we give out vegetables and fruits to all the families. The money necessary to buy the minimum quantity needed is around 600€. We have to consider that there are 435 persons living in the camp right now.
> We also need funding to give out weekly and monthly canned foods that dont need cooking, such as: tuna, sweetcorn, tomatoes, sugar. We are spending around 700€ weekly right now.
> All of the weekly distributions have been done with the money donated by volunteers from Olvidados, working at the camp. But it is an unstable system and we think it is necessary to have a fixed budget to buy them.
> Thank you very much for all your help and we are looking forward to your response.
> Kind regards,
> Olga

contacto: info@olvidados.org